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How are attitudes in the USA changing as we move into the 2020s?

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The USA is a great country with many fabulous achievements to be proud of. One of the best is the people who really care about others and drive social change to reflect modern times. This is also reflected in the US Government which passes legislation to enable modern changes in society. Legal online gambling is a great example of these changes as it is only recently that the US Government altered its views on this. Now, US players can enjoy online casino games in those states which have made it legal. If you also pick up the latest bonus codes online, you can get even more money to play with – the Sugarhouse online casino bonus code is a great place to start if you can gamble online legally where you live.

The decision to make online casino play legal is just one example of how attitudes are changing in the US as we move into the 2020s. What other social changes are we also seeing? 

Changing attitudes towards feminism 

One social change that the US has seen in recent times has been the attitudes towards female equality and female empowerment. This has seen the average US citizen on the street become more aware of issues around gender inequality such as the gender pay gap. The Harvey Weinstein scandal particularly helped to show the US how much change was needed in this area. 

The #MeToo movement which sprang up in response to that gained a lot of support within the USA, showing how much attitudes have changed in recent years in this area. With people in the US now not only becoming more aware but also more supportive of this issue, it seems likely that it will be something that sees even more change in the 2020s.

Climate change attitudes shifting 

There was a time when the attitudes towards climate change in the US were ambivalent at best around most states. This has seen a shift in recent times and many believe this will carry on changing as we move into 2020. A lot of US citizens now recognize that climate change is an issue and in the 2020s, it could be that more pressure will be exerted on politicians by the US people to tackle it. As the news reports climate change action on a global scale, it may well inspire a greater demand for future change in the US.

Changing attitudes towards race 

While no-one can pretend that racial discrimination is a problem which the USA has solved internally, it does seem that attitudes towards racial discrimination have changed recently. This is only likely to gather pace moving into the 2020s. Millennials in particular seem to be the generation who care most about this issue and are eager to make racial discrimination a distant memory, perhaps because of  the more multi-cultural societies where they were raised, compared to previous generations.

As Millennials begin to take charge of media, government and business in the 2020’s and beyond, it could signal a real change in US attitudes. Of course, the outspoken views of non-white musicians and actors are also helping to change the script by calling out racism when it occurs and demonstrating why it is bad.

Attitudes towards homosexuals may also change 

As with the issue of race, homophobia is something that is not completely eradicated in the US as yet, but attitudes towards homosexuals do seem to be changing slowly in America with more people beginning to accept them now. Changing attitudes towards lesbians and gays is also being seen globally encouraging many to believe that this social change will only gather pace as attitudes become more liberal towards sexuality in the future. Once more, it is believed that the major driver behind this changing attitude is the emergence of the Millennials into adult life and the way their views on matters like sexuality are much more relaxed than previous generations. 

2020 and beyond will see less prejudice 

The real hope for everyone in the USA are that the above social changes will see prejudice stamped out in the future. As we go into the 2020s, it really is crazy to think that some barriers are still put up in society based on someone’s sexuality, gender or race. If climate change can also begin to be taken more seriously, then the 2020s could be the decade which sees tangible change for the better in the USA.


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