Amazing Apps for Enjoying Cricket World Cup

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Football and basketball may be popular across the globe but sometimes you will want to try something completely different. For a long time, I thought cricket was a tiny bit peculiar and never paid too much attention to it. About a year ago, after watching a few games with a friend, I changed my mind completely and became a massive fan of this unique game. Then I realized that it isn’t quite as covered by the media as it ought to be. It is, in fact, surprisingly hard to find anything on mainstream television. I had to dig deeper.

Understand the basics of cricket if all this is new to you

If you’re like me, you’ve probably grown up watching more common sports. Baseball was the favorite in my parents’ house. Once I started getting into cricket, I felt like a total rookie. Everything seemed a bit odd. The Cricket World Cup was a fascinating yet confusing event. This is why I soon started making an effort to learn more about the game. I was determined to understand the mechanics of it so I could get a better grasp of what was going on. I wanted to judge the game properly, root for my favorites, and know exactly why a certain player was considered the best. The more I learned through online resources, the more I was able to appreciate the skill behind the moves.

Learn about the teams if you aim to bet

Just like any other sport, cricket is a lot more fun if you bet on your favorites. Still, you can waste a lot of money in the process if you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing. I take the responsible approach and only do it when the World Cup comes by. There is no point in letting it turn into an addiction that could blow a massive hole in my budget. I also make an effort to learn all I possibly can about the teams in order to better predict how they may fare in the next championship. You should always consider their previous scores, which players will be on the field, individual track records, as well as any transfers that may have occurred recently.

Consider the game schedule & never miss a good match

Of course, the best way to enjoy the game is by watching it live. Depending on where the cup is taking place, a few matches may happen in the odd hours of the morning or at the time when you’re at work. Knowing the exact game schedule and recording each and every relevant score will help you not lose track of the championship. Certain smartphone apps can help you with that. I have found a great selection that has made my goal to enjoy cricket a lot easier to accomplish.

Great Apps to Track Everything Cricket

I always love coming home from work, browsing through the latest sports news, and watching a good game before dinner. Now I don’t even have to worry about time zones or missed broadcasts.


I’m comparatively new to cricket. As a beginner, I definitely had to learn the rules before I could properly appreciate the game. The more I knew about the teams and individual players, the more I was able to understand the nuances of the game. Since not all the matches were in my time zone, I always had to stay on top of the schedule, know when each game is taking place, and record those that were happening at odd hours. At this point, I have my system well worked out and always know what is going in on the world of cricket – not just the World Cup.


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