Kevin Jenco


Donald Trump’s Twitter Likes Falling

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is addicted to Twitter, the social media platform founded in 2006. Since joining in 2009 he has amassed over 24 million followers and posted over 34 thousand tweets. Some of the president’s biggest criticisms in the young administration have come from things he has tweeted. …

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    Is North Korea a Threat?

    Nuclear missile

    Rex Tillerson’s Tour of Asia so far seems to have been, in large part, devoted to the issue of North Korea. The small hermit kingdom has been decried as a thorn in the side of the West and its neighbours for decades, and its nuclear ambitions have only heightened the …

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      Rachel Maddow Reveals Trump’s Tax Return

      Trump Tax Return

      6:26PM Updates to follow This evening on her MSNBC show, Rachel Maddow revealed some secrets from the Donald Trump’s 2005 federal tax return.  The public has long been waiting for Donald Trump to release his tax returns, as he promised to during his campaign, but has since refused to do. …

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