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Beatrice Louis

International lawyer, sexual violence researcher, e-governance and democracy activist. You can follow her on twitter @lblwcri and see more of her work at https://medium.com/@Beatrice.L

“Interpretation!” Is Not an Acceptable Reply to Criticism of Religious Texts

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Religion, its role in society, its importance and the liberties it is accorded are in the news again. Particularly when it comes to matters of social equality, the argument that a given religion or ideology is fundamentally skewed against socio-cultural progress meets with swift denial and the insistence that religious import depends on interpretation. This …

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Reflections on the Gender Pay Gap

By Beatrice Louis and Scott Douglas Jacobsen #EqualPayDay is over. With it, we find the regular slew of mutual recriminations. While liberals resolved to fight the good fight to decrease the gender pay gap, Conservatives have re-posted and rebooted a number of videos, and articles, intent on destroying what they like …

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