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The Corbyn Delusion

March 16, 2017 Michael J Bramham 1

Corbyn is not an effective leader of the opposition and his supporters delude themselves if they think he can ever be Prime Minister.


Brexit and Nationalism: ​3 Months On

October 19, 2016 Michael J Bramham 0

Back in July I wrote an article on Brexit and Nationalism. Three months on and the situation in the UK has worsened. Theresa May and her government are dragging the country down a dangerous path of nationalism and xenophobia unlike


Is Marx Still Relevant Today?

September 12, 2016 Michael J Bramham 0

Whether you agree or disagree with him it cannot be denied that Karl Marx is one of the most influential political philosophers in Human history. Besides the many states and theorists who have been inspired by his ideas, his analysis