Free-Speech: Crying Fire in a Crowded Theatre

March 28, 2017 Tom Adamson 1

Freedom of speech is an odd creature in Australia. Unlike our brothers and sisters in America, we have no explicit constitutional right to exclude the government from abridging our freedom of expression.  There is an implied freedom of political communication,

Australia Day

Australia Day: Yes, It’s Time to Change the Date!

January 25, 2017 Tom Adamson 0

The formation of the Federation of Australia is a formative moment in our history. Not only would changing the date satisfy those noisy activists who claim that it glorifies genocide, it could also better reflect modern Australia and achievements relevant to our society.


US ELECTIONS 2016: ​The Edge of The Abyss

November 8, 2016 Tom Adamson 0

Here we are, standing on the edge of the abyss.  Staring into this yawning chasm, one considers how we got here.  How did Trump win the nomination in the first place?  How did Sanders lose to Hillary?  Idealistic remonstrating aside,