Has ‘Trans Rights’ Become Homophobia’s New Idiom?

 In his 4 September Daily Beast  article, Jay Michaelson painted a misleading picture of radical feminists and Conservative Christians allied by their intolerance for Transgender people. Importantly, Michaelson’s claims cannot be analysed effectively without an understanding of the broader bioethical issues to which they link. In politics as in chess, one …

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Censorship college

Universities and the Threat of Censorship

During the last few years, we have witnessed a very worrying period for free-speech within universities. In 2015 alone we witnessed 30 universities banning newspapers, 25 banning songs, 10 banning clubs or societies, and 19 worryingly banning speakers from events. Not only that, we have witnessed various feminists, human-rights advocates and LGBT-Rights …

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