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Looking Back On The Arab Spring

May 6, 2017 Daniel J. Levy 0

Much has been written about the Arab Spring since 2011, when it seemed possible that democracy might just prevail over dictatorship and authoritarianism across the Middle East. However, Bassem Youssef’s “Revolution for Dummies: Laughing Through the Arab Spring” is the

Conatus journal News Review

Conatus News’ ​’End of Year Review’ 2016

February 21, 2017 Benjamin David 0

With 2017 soon upon us, Conatus News contributors give their their ‘top picks’ of stories from 2016.   Tara Abhsekhoun ISIS Continues to Wreak Havoc: In Syria and Iraq, ISIS continues to wreak havoc on innocent men, women, and children. This

Visa Ban

Why Trump’s New Visa Ban is Lunacy

January 29, 2017 Benedict Nicholson 0

Yesterday, President Trump signed yet another executive order, this time banning the issuance of new visas and the entry into the United States of anyone from a list of seven countries across the Middle East, for the vast majority of