(Video) EU Outlines ‘Phased’ Brexit Strategy

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The EU has today set out its plan of action for Brexit negotiations, indicating that negotiations on a trade deal would begin when the appropriate progress has been established on a separation settlement with the UK.

Published by European Council President Donald Tusk, the draft guidelines, which will be delivered to the 27 member states for approval, seek a “phased approach” in discussions.

Britain formally triggered the Brexit process on the 29th of May.

It had called for simultaneous talks on exit terms and future trade ties.

Five important points:

1. Timing of negotiation talks:


2. Who negotiates?

3. What about a ‘divorce bill?’

4. What will happen to trading between the UK and the EU?


5. Trade Talks: How will they work?

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Mr Tusk, during a recent news conference, stressed the fact that “starting parallel talks on all issues at the same time as suggested by some in the UK will not happen”.

He went on to say that, “Only once we have achieved sufficient progress on the withdrawal can we discuss the framework for our future relationship”.

Although talks would be “difficult, complex and sometimes even confrontational”, Mr Tusk said that the European Union would not “pursue a punitive approach”.


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