How Do You Make Body Mist Last Longer?

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A lot of women complain that body mists don’t tend to last long enough after spraying them on. By the way, you should know that there is a difference between a body mist and perfume. But we are not here to discuss those differences. Instead, we will focus specifically on the problem most people experience; the body mist not lasting long enough after spraying.

Well, there is a trick that should help the body splash last for long enough. We came up with a few tips that will make that body mist last longer.

Let’s explore them together, shall we?

Apply the mist immediately after showering

As soon as you step out of the shower and you have towel dried your body, make sure you apply the body mist. But why should you do so? The reason for this is that the pores on the skin are still open. Here, the body splash will be retained for a longer time on the skin.

By the way, you should ensure that you choose a body mist that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients. If you have sensitive skin, see your dermatologist before applying the body splash directly to your skin.

Also, ensure that you dry your skin properly before applying the body splash.

Always spray or dap on bare skin

Another trick of making that body splash last for long is dapping or spraying it onto bare skin. Too many times, people spray the body mist on their clothes, which then evaporates easily. However, when you spray onto bares skin, the body splash will meld with natural oils on the body. In return, this will last longer than when it is sprayed on the clothes.

Moisturize the skin before applying

If you apply the body mist on moist skin, it will lock in better than when the skin is dry. Of course, you will need to towel dry your skin first before applying some lotion. While applying the lotion to moisturize your skin, make sure that the lotion is not scented. Scented lotions will compromise with the body splash notes.

Apply it to the pulse points

This is a common trick, but too many people ignore it. Usually, fragrances react to heat, which is why you should apply it to parts of the body that are most likely to heat up. As the body heats up, the fragrance will also develop.

So, what are the pulse point to apply a body splash? These pulse points include the wrists, inside of the elbow, nape of the neck, as well as the back of your knees. Yes, you can also apply the body mist at the back of your knees.

Find a good body mist that lasts

Sometimes, it might not be about the application tips, but rather the body mist that you are using. Maybe it is not made with ingredients that contain the fragrance for a long time. Some might be too light that they evaporate faster without leaving any fragrance on the skin.

Here, you might want to consider the brand of the body mist. It must come from a good brand that is known to make long-lasting fragrances. Victoria Secret is one of the notable brands that’s known to deliver top-rated body mists that are safe to the skin and also long-lasting.

Always ensure that you choose the best Victoria Secret body mist 2020 that have good customer ratings as well.

Always use matching scented lotion and other supplies

Well, you should not be using scented lotion if you want to enjoy the durability and original scent of the body mist. But if you want to use some scented lotion and other products, make sure that they are matching. For example, if you go for Victoria Secret Bombshell Body Mist, ensure that you choose the Victoria Secret Bombshell lotion or any other bombshell supply.

This way, you will not ruin the original scent of the body mist, and when all the matching scent mixes, they will last even longer.

Avoid rubbing in the fragrance 

A lot of people make the mistake of rubbing the body mist into their wrists or the pulse points. Doing this will not help to prolong the fragrance, but it will break down the chemicals. As a result, the top notes will dissolve faster than they are expected. Instead of rubbing in the body mist, dab it gently on your skin.

Spray it 1ft from your body

Another way to help you prolong the body mist is to spray it towards yourself from a distance of around 1ft. While doing this, ensure that you direct the spray on the areas that you have applied the lotion on your body.

You can also spray the body mist in the air and walk through so that it covers the skin completely. However, this tip is not always effective enough. The best thing to do is to spray the body mist directly to your body.

Improvise with cotton balls

If you really want that body mist to last for long, you can try to apply some other strategies. Here, you will need some small cotton balls to help you with it. Saturate the cotton ball with the body mist and tuck them into your bra. With these saturated cotton balls, you can be sure of staying with the smell for long enough. It will help you to project the scent all through the day.

Store the body mist in a cool, dark place

You might wonder how this has got to do with the longevity of the body mist on your body. Too many times, people store the fragrance in the bathroom. This is not a good thing because the temperature and humidity in a bathroom normally fluctuate. In turn, this will affect the temperature of the body mist. It will also break down the chemical compound over time, which then changes the original smell and potency of the body mist.

The best thing to do is to store the body mist in a cool drawer or wardrobe. Make sure you don’t place it in direct sunlight. Furthermore, place it in its original box for the best results.

Remember to observe safety tips when applying body mist. Don’t forget always to seek medical advice if you have sensitive skin.


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