Learn how the network of marketing advertising works and how to take the most benefit of it

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Marketing funnels are a helpful tool for any advertiser. It is necessary to know how they function in order to use them right. Read the article to know more about the term

The essence of a funnel

Every marketer wants to make the visitors of the site fulfill a definite action. It might be a purchase, a form filling out, subscription, etc. Such as action is known as conversion. When we speak about a funnel, we mean certain steps, which are required in order to reach the conversion. Look at an example of Amazon funnel:

  1. A user visits the website
  2. A user views a product
  3. A user adds a product to a cart
  4. A user makes a purchase.

There are always additional steps but they are not important for the purchase funnel. The term ‘funnel’ is not accidental. The first step is completed by a large number of people. The second one is usually fulfilled by fewer people and so on. Besides, the sales team becomes more involved in the process with each step.

Funnels can be used not just for signing-ups and purchase tracking. You can use them to see how the visitors move through a specific site flow. It depends on what you want from your visitors and what your purposes are.

The application of funnels provides lots of advantages. Thus, you can analyze various data about your customers and make optimization more effective. Thanks to the funnels reportsб you can find out when and why you are losing visitors.

Funnels are used not only on the Internet but also in real life.

Marketing funnel stages

Digital marketing agency use any marketing funnel consists of the following steps:

  • awareness
  • consideration
  • conversion
  • loyalty
  • advocacy.

Such a method helps build a good strategy for growth because if your chain ends at the point of purchase (conversion), it is not a strategy. To create an effective marketing funnel, use our tips:

  • Recognize a problem/necessity. Remember that people will never make a purchase if they do not feel a need for something. The needs are various and greatly depend on the types of your business and the features of the target audience.
  • Look for more information. People always search for more details concerning their problems and possible solutions. Note that they do not start looking for commercial/promotional content from the very beginning. That’s why it is vital to learn more about a need/problem stated during the first stage on Google, various social networks, etc. If you become an industry expert and provide valuable content, you are more likely to succeed. It is recommended to do the keyword research.
  • Evaluate the alternatives. People are likely to look for alternatives after reading/viewing certain information to compare the data. They also evaluate potential services/product providers. At this stage, you are to think about the creation of pricing guides, principles of providers’ selection, etc. Educational content is always helpful.
  • Help make a decision. At this stage, people are finally ready to pay. Your task is to make them confident about you. You should look reliable and beneficial for them. It is very effective to demonstrate reviews & customers’ experience content. Create case studies on your business. Besides, it is vital to understand that the majority of customers are somewhere in between. Thus, positive reviews only could be quite strange to read. There is one problem concerning this stage. There are always negative feedback exist. It is advisable to use such comments as an opportunity to become better and improve your offer. Complaints always let you know that there are certain problems to deal with.
  • Analyze the behavior of the customers. It is important to find out whether they are glad or disappointed with their purchase. In the second case, the chances to see negative feedback or compensation requests are much higher. That’s why, keep analyzing the post-purchase behavior and optimize your work dealing with various problems (if there are). For instance, you might need more content or your support service requires certain improvements to make the customers’ experience better. Keep communicating with your customers to achieve better results.

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