Marketing Strategies To Take Advantage of When Starting an Online Fashion Brand

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Take Advantage of the E-Commerce Boom

So you have invested time and cash in developing your fashion brand, you know your target market, and all that’s left to do is hit the marketing campaign trail. Launching a new fashion brand is definitely an exciting moment, but success doesn’t just happen. It takes planning, effort and some excellent marketing strategies. Although the final approach chosen may be influenced by target audiences, time frames and budgets, there are plenty of great ideas here which can be adapted to suit any such constraints.

Create a brand story

This should reflect, connect and generally appeal to your target audience, whether they are women over 40 with busy work-family lives who are desperate for smart, easy-care items, or city dwellers starting who feel nostalgic for an era that pre-dates their birth. Your clothes should meet their needs, but also satisfy their less obvious dreams.

Weave the brand story into advertising of any kind

From the filters on Instagram photos to any human models you choose to show them off, remaining true to your story will build trust and community between buyers and your stock. Bear this in mind when choosing both models and backgrounds for photo-shoots. Do they reflect your brand story?

Make the most of appropriate social media platforms

Facebook and Twitter may still be the obvious market giants, but don’t overlook other options which may well be more important to your particular target market. It’s better to say have a low maintenance presence on Facebook but focus your time on Instagram if those users are who you need to reach. Remember to stay up to date with Facebook’s policies, especially around the use of so called ‘engagement bait’, which can be as simple as asking people to share/tag others in a post to win a prize.

Exploit your email signature

This is an excellent free marketing tool which takes no effort beyond set up. Don’t be tempted to add something essay length though, it gets tiring after regular email exchanges begin. Instead, keep it tight, basically featuring links to places your fashion brand can be seen or bought from.

Identify and work with brand influencers

Prior to the Internet revolution these were people you had a real time connection to in some way, the designers, editors and journalists of the fashion world. In the 21st century some of the biggest brand influencers are bloggers and vloggers, ordinary people with a keen interest in fashion and often a very large instant audience of followers. Sourcing even one who reflects your brand story could be incredibly lucrative, especially if they agree to review or promote your products after freebies are sent to trial.

These are just a few of the dozens of possible marketing strategies you could be exploiting to launch your online fashion brand, but they are all solid, and make great building bricks for the ongoing work that marketing involves. Check out agencies such as Jump Online too, they could be a great help with your marketing efforts.


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