(VIDEO) No Handshake: Trump Shuns Merkel

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President Donald Trump and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel were involved in an awkward exchange as the pair met at the White House to discuss pressing international issues.

As the two world-leaders sat during what almost seemed like an impromptu photo call, numerous photographers asked them to shake hands

Trump, Merkel,

At a photo call with the two world leaders, photographers asked the pair to shake hands (Photo: REUTERS)

However, President Trump either failed to hear the request to shake hands or purposefully chose to ignore the requests – despite Angela Merkel showing a willingness to shake hands.

In what will be an embarrassing moment for both leaders, video footage of the exchanges shows Angela Merkel pulling a rather perplexed face suggesting that she had been ignored by Trump.

It is been widely documented that Trump has been piercingly critical of Merkel’s immigration policies and Germany’s position within the EU.

It is also well documented that Merkel has been deeply critical of Trump’s ‘muslim travel ban‘ .

The two world leaders are expected to hold a joint press conference later.

Both world leaders are expected to deliberate on trade issues, Russia, NATO and the Middle East.


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