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Publishers can increase their profit selling their ad inventory to various advertisers. Look for the most effective ways of ad space monetization available for marketers

There are plenty of website owners who want to have an additional profit. It is possible to earn extra money online easily in the modern world. However, it is vital to know how to do it right in order to really increase your income and not to lose your visitors. In the article, we will observe the essentials of ad space selling.

General information about ad space selling

Advert inventory is a free space, which is available on various sites, blogs or apps. Advertisers are ready to pay for the placement of their ads on such resources if they correspond to their requirements and have a definite type of audience. Ad space selling is possible not just for the sites with a large number of users. There are advertisers who are not looking for ad inventory using such a criterion. Most of them are more interested in high conversion rates.
Before you start selling your inventory, you should know your site. There are special tools, which can help you carry out research on the website and audience. You need to know why people visit your site, which pages are more popular, which keywords are more relevant, what type of audience you have (with all the possible features), etc. It is also possible to ask for feedback or reviews. You can find people’s opinions, for instance, on social networks.
As soon as you have all the information required, you can think of looking for an advertiser.

Ways to sell ads

There are three most effective methods to find advertisers and to sell your ad inventory:

Affiliate marketing. It is one of the fastest and most popular methods you can use through an online advertising network. All you need is to join a suitable affiliate program, which corresponds to the topic of your site. The key task of an affiliate marketer is to promote other company’s products on the website using various methods. To become an affiliate publisher, you should have a domain with an individual name, an email account linked to the domain, and finally a website layout supporting various ad formats. This method presupposes the creation of in-text links, banners placement, reviews writing, price comparison, etc. In this case, you get a profit from the generation of clicks, leads or sales.

Programmatic advertising. This method is very popular in modern marketing. It presupposes full or partial automation of a trading process. There is no need to waste your time looking for advertisers. You can simply use self-serve advertising networks to find them in accordance with your requirements and price demands. However, for the application of such an approach, it is necessary to have a reputable resource with a corresponding audience because advertisers also have their requirements. At the same time, using such platforms, it is possible to sell even remnant inventory to earn some money. If you want to apply a programmatic approach, you should be ready for other parties being involved such as demand-side and supply-side platforms. By means of them, you can sell ad space through RTB online auctions organized by ad exchanges or directly to advertisers. Programmatic offers lots of opportunities for fast customization. Thus, you can select advert formats acceptable, page location, type of content, and other features. As a result, you are able to save time and money.

Direct selling. This method is more traditional but it is still very popular among modern marketers. The key advantage of this method is the absence of a mediator compared to programmatic, where the participation of it is inevitable. You can contact directly with media buyers, which is able to bring you more profit. At the same time, this approach requires much more time to spend. Besides, you will have to meet with potential customers and negotiate on various issues such as prices, ad locations, etc. However, you have a chance to receive 100% of the advertising revenue, which is a significant benefit. The partnership, in this case, is unique because you select a brand you want to work with on your own. Such cooperation is usually long-lasting and reliable, while the income is stable. You can forget about worries connected with clicks, conversions, and sales.


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