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A rainbow in religion

The Guardian reports that there was a slogan on London buses in 2012 to target Christian groups’ comprehension of sexuality as binary rather than a “spectrum of many shades” in terms of moral valence.

Some have viewed this as

a binary adversarial

perspective about the

rightness and wrongness,

and degrees of it, for the

ethical implications of

individual and groups

decision about sexual

“The tragedy here is not just the absurdity of trying to purge the world of its crazy variety,” the Guardian said, “but in the pain and hurt it causes those who can’t or won’t force themselves on to our reductionist templates.


Baha’i members say Iran want to ‘crush’ the religion

According to ABC News, the Baha’I International Community has expressed deep concerns about the attempts by Iran to “crush the religious minority” and that this has increased under the Presidency of Hassan Rouhani.

There was a 122-page report with statements that there is a “campaign to incite hatred against Baha’is” such as the spreading of over 20,000 bits of anti-Baha’i propaganda via the Iranian media.

Rouhani was inaugurated in August, 2013. There have been 151 Baha’i arrests in addition to 388 “incidents of economic discrimination” that have included intimidation, threats, and shop closings.


Muslim College Chaplains Extend a Hand Across Religious Divides​

The New York Times said that a Muslim chaplain, Fardosa Hassan, helped a woman, Emma Bloom, through a time spiritual doubt through helping her “feeling more settled in her soul.”

She, Hassan, considers doubt as a

necessity in terms of belief rather than

“its irreversible solvent” because

“divine texts can be interpreted by

human hands and in modern ways.”

The conversations with Ms. Blom and

Ms. Hassan (the Muslim chaplain) took

place for close to 2 months before the settling feeling of Ms. Blom’s “soul” began to solidify in their place.


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