Review of Jobsforeditors – a service that offers tons of editing jobs

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Jobsforeditors is a platform that offers tons of freelance editing jobs. If you enjoy reading texts, love editing, are good at spotting mistakes and want to start a freelance career, this is the perfect option for you. Surely, there are tons of jobs for editors offers on the internet. Here’s why this particular company is different from all other agencies you are going to come across.

There are two main editing positions at this agency: an editor and a managing editor. The responsibilities of an editor are rather simple: editing English texts on different topics. The position of a managing editor is a bit more challenging. An applicant will be required not only to edit texts, but also to manage the workflow of a team of writers, to supervise new writers and to provide feedback regarding their progress. In case you are currently looking for editors, check out the website of this company. The reasons why this service is the best among all other companies that offer freelance editing jobs are as follows: competitive salary paid twice a month, ability to work part-time, flexible hours, adaptive workload, free registration and one week of free training. Do no hesitate to send your CV when you see the offer ‘editor wanted’ on the website of this company. With this agency, you will be able to avoid all those challenges the majority of applicants face when they are looking for jobs editing positions.

When an applicant is looking for editors positions on the market, one of the most important aspects is various perks a company can offer. This agency provides favorable work conditions, various opportunities for career development, preparatory courses, personal freedom and the ability to control your monthly income. The opportunity to work in a company that respects its employees and provides them with everything they need to do their job properly plays one of the most significant roles for any applicant who is searching for jobs for editors. This company gives its editors an option to choose when and where they want to work. In case an applicant is interested only in a part-time position, this agency will gladly meet their demands.

Most people who have zero experience in the editing field are afraid to look for jobs for editors. The company under consideration, however, offers preparatory courses for those applicants who are new in this field. Enrolling in their free course will help you learn about the pitfalls of an editor and offer you a clear understanding of all major aspects an editor should pay attention to. Apart from that, Jobsforeditors offers a competitive salary. You can easily control and modify how much you earn each month by taking a bigger or a smaller amount of orders.

If you are a journalist, a writer, a translator, a proofreader, an academic writer or a copywriter, you are welcome to join the Jobsforeditors team as well. Being a freelance editors gives you the chance to do the thing you love, to work when and where you want as well as to receive steady income. If you apply for a position at this company, you will have the freedom of choice which means that you will be able to choose the texts and formats you want to work with. Feel free to narrow or broaden your expertise in the field of editing. You can do it at any stage of your career at Jobsfporeditors.

The company has prepared an Editor’s Starter Kit for new members of the team to make the transition process smooth and easy. It contains a glossary, an editing & proofreading guide and a digital library. The guide covers basic stages of the editing procedure, the glossary consists of all important editing related terms and a digital library is a list of useful resources. Still have some questions left? Feel free to contact their customer support team anytime to get answers.


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