Social Gaming’s Effects on Children

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Compulsive behaviour is one of the most immediate effects of social gaming and online casinos. Fortunately, online casino companies are trying to stop this.

Compulsive behaviour is one of the most immediate effects of social gaming and online casinos. The amount of tension you get when playing a high-stakes match is what drives your ego to override your rational thinking. And this might be one of the reasons why online casinos won’t allow minors in.

Not only does social gaming make you behave in an illogical fashion, but it also causes you to become less productive and might even negatively impact your finances. That’s where gambling policies and ethical rules come in — to provide protection not only to adults but especially to children.

Social Gaming and Its Effects on Children

Social games revolve around themes like the killing of people and animals, crime, sex, racism, and drugs or alcohol. The list goes on and on. These are just some of the reasons why social games affect the psychology and behaviour of children.

The worst part is that, with time, these themes are becoming more sophisticated and realistic – they somehow blur the boundary between social games and the real world. So, what impact does this have on children? Well, it’s not hard to say that they’re also likely to imitate or somehow replicate these brutal themes into their own personal lives.

Incorporating violence and explicit behaviour into one’s personality is just one side of the story. Aside from that, social games also rob children of precious time they could spend studying, playing sports, or building friendships with real people. But then again, knowing that the social games/video-game industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, it’s hard to remove these unpleasant themes at its core.

Fortunately, online casinos acknowledge this fact and consider it a serious threat. That’s why they’re making great strides to contain this and avoid it from spilling over into its industry.

Why Under 18-Year-Olds are Not Allowed in Online Casinos

You might have noticed physical and online casinos do not allow children to enter their premises or take part in their games. This is because online casinos know how children can become easily addicted to social games.

They want to prevent this from happening and spilling over into the gambling world. Specifically speaking, people below 18-years of age are banned from all online casinos. This is because of the potential of social games to have negative effects on their mental, emotional, and psychological health. The following are good reasons why children are prohibited from engaging in these games:

#1 Emotionally Unstable

The number one reason why online casinos decline taking players who are below-18 is because of their emotional instability. These “minors” still haven’t developed the necessary emotional maturity required to take part in the highly addictive game that is gambling. Emotion plays a huge part in making decisions, and young people aren’t ready for that responsibility.

#2 Lack Experience

Experience plays a major part in almost all aspects of life. It is what gives us the credibility to show off how good we are or how we’re going to perform in certain tasks. That includes gambling and online casinos. To play, you need to have some sort of experience, not only in the gambling world but also in other walks of life, such as winning, losing, or making provocative decisions that can result in huge consequences. Children are bereft of such key experiences. You might be getting the pattern now.

Fair and Responsible Gambling is a Must in Online Casinos

With all of this being said, it makes perfect sense for casino companies to do something about it. And that’s just what they did — they made fair gambling policies that the accommodate ethical standards and policies encompassing their whole gambling premise. Here are some of the best fair policies of how online casinos help people avoid gambling disorders.

  1. Prioritise Your Responsibilities Over Gambling

The number one rule of most online casino companies such as Karamba. Everyone has their own life, and that includes our daily responsibilities. To avoid the pitfalls of gambling addiction, online casinos strongly advise people to prioritise their daily responsibilities before diving into gambling.

  1. No Gambling When Under-the-Influence

When you hear the phrase “under-the-influence”, you might think about alcohol. But when it comes to online casinos policies, it’s not just about alcohol but also breaking free from the influence of someone or something.

You might either be told by someone to gamble your money or someone forced you to try your luck gambling in online casinos. Casino companies won’t allow that to happen as it is against your free will.

You should be the one in charge making your own decisions in life, especially if that involves your own personal finances. That’s just what this fair policy wants to show. Total self-control when playing casino games is indeed what online casino companies envision.

  1. Pessimism is Key to Efficient Online Casino Gambling

Losing is part of the game when it comes to playing in online casinos. But that doesn’t mean you need to attempt to recover anything that you have lost. This is one of the most common reasons why people are buried in debt because they are gambling even though they can’t afford a loss.

With this, online casino companies help prevent gambling disorders by suggesting that people stay off playing if you’ve experienced a losing streak. Don’t be too optimistic in thinking that you’ll make up for the losses and win the next round.

Children are the Ones Most Affected by Social Gaming

At the end of the day, one can clearly see how social games such as some multiplayer games have a huge effect on the welfare of a person, especially children. It strips them of their focus and productivity, and stops them developing into responsible individuals.

Fortunately, online casino companies well know that fact, which is why they’re already making a huge stride to protect online casino gamblers from experiencing such unpleasant situations. This is very important, especially when children are our future and it is at their disposal as to how the future’s society will turn out.



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