French Presidential Election: Half-Time Musings

May 1, 2017 George Suchett-Kaye 0

The second round of voting for the French presidential election takes place on May 7th, and opposes the centrist, Emmanuel Macron, to the extreme-right-wing Marine Le Pen. Both candidates need to capture votes to ensure victory. Storm in a “Whirlpool” Very astutely,


An interview with AEBR Balkan Coordinator Ana Nikolov

April 28, 2017 Zorana Vuk 0

If you’ve ever wondered how firefighting, cross-border cooperation and dancing go together, Ana Nikolov is here to explain it all. She’s all that, and passionately dedicated to peace-building and reconciliation. She was the creator of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) network of Young Leaders for cross-border cooperation, and serves as the AEBR Coordinator for the Balkan region. For many years, she’s been active in supporting youth through several projects across the Balkan region as well as all over Europe, and tirelessly dedicates herself to help make this world a little better.