Women’s Rights in the Philippines – An Overview

April 25, 2017 Scott Jacobsen 0

Humanism, as an ethical and philosophical worldview, provides the basis for proper action in the world with an emphasis on this world, the natural world. There is a phrase, “deed before creed,” that speaks volumes to the emphasis of humanism. Principles are nice; rights and privileges are good. But how do these affect the world? Answer: through action.

Ramzan Kadyrov.

Unfortunately 100 is Small Pickings for Ramzan Kadyrov

April 13, 2017 Dale Claridge 0

LGBT activist groups and human rights watch organisations are uncovering the systematic targeting of homosexual men in Chechnya. Distressingly, there are reports of prison camps in which gay men are being murdered. Chechnya’s current leader, Kadyrov, has made a number