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Halal and Boycotts: Community-Driven Outrage Alienates Muslim Youth

The element of intolerance within British Muslim communities towards Western values is the greatest hindrance to their youth’s integration into society. Apart from the problems that almost all minorities face in different parts of the world, Muslim children may also face additional barriers to integration from the ideology of their …

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“Not In My Name” – Secular India Revolts Against Lynchings of Muslims

Secular parts of Indian society have been finally galvanised into action to protest the lynchings of Muslims under the guise of opposition to cow slaughter. The spate of lynchings, murders and violence being perpetrated in India by so-called cow defenders, also known as ‘gau rakshaks’, who are apparently finding cow …

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Anjem Choudary Jailed for 5 years – CAGE Still Refuses to Condemn Him

For over two decades Anjem Choudary tarried on street corners, outside mosques and shopping centres, embassies, and police stations with a cohort of thawb and burqa-donning supporters behind him, with one hand armed with a megaphone and the other forcefully signalling the apostates, the ‘kafir’, those who reject Allah and …

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