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Interview with Andy Ngo – Formerly at the Vanguard, Portland State University

May 15, 2017 Scott Jacobsen 2

Andy Ngo is a University of California, Los Angeles alumnus. He is a graduate student at Portland State and a freelance journalist. Shortly before this audio interview, he made a recording of a student speaking on Islam at “Unpacking Misconceptions” at Portland State University. Based on his reporting, he was fired by the Portland State University student newspaper, the Vanguard. He wrote an op-ed in the National Review about it. The Vanguard wrote a response to it after this audio interview. He can be reached through Twitter. Here is his recounting of the event and aftermath.


Why Should We Defend Progressivism?

May 3, 2017 Sarah Mills 0

“Conatus” is defined as the inherent drive in something to exist and continually improve itself. Sartre conveyed the concept as the ‘coefficient of adversity’ and Schopenhauer described it as the ‘Will to Live.’ In our modern worldview inevitably coloured by


French Presidential Election: Half-Time Musings

May 1, 2017 George Suchett-Kaye 0

The second round of voting for the French presidential election takes place on May 7th, and opposes the centrist, Emmanuel Macron, to the extreme-right-wing Marine Le Pen. Both candidates need to capture votes to ensure victory. Storm in a “Whirlpool” Very astutely,


Q&A on Atheism, Women’s Rights, and Human Rights with Marie Alena Castle – Session 1

April 29, 2017 Scott Jacobsen 0

Marie Alena Castle is the communications director for Atheists for Human Rights. She was raised Roman Catholic, but became an atheist. She has been important to atheism, Minnesota Atheists, The Moral Atheist, National Organization of Women, and wrote Culture Wars: The Threat to Your Family and Your Freedom (2013). She has a lifetime of activist experience, which I wanted to explore and crystallise in an educational series. Here are the results.