Venezuelan Riots and Protests – Antichavisti

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*Translated from Italian to English for quotes.*

La Repubblica reported on the week of the ‘antichavisti’ recently with the third demonstration in a single week. Now, Venezuela is in the midst of a protest against the current president Maduro, who is both liked and disliked by separate groups of protesters. 17 people have been injured in Caracas in Venezuela from the activities of the protest. The offices of the opposition, Capriles, have been torched.

The police have been brought forth and fired both rubber bullets and tear gas. In other parts of the country, there have been marches and parades as another form of public demonstration. The injuries to 17 people were based on clashes between the opposition and the police.

Both the “Bolivarian” and the National Guard responded to the events of 4,000 protesters in the Campiña district at which point they then fired the rubber bullets and tear gas. The protesters then threw stones at the police. The mayor of the Chacao municipality disclosed the number of the wounded.

“The men of two bodies of security ‘Bolivarian’ (police and National Guard) responded advance of the 4000 protesters in the Campiña district by launching tear gas and rubber bullets.”

Other areas of the country had protests as well outside of the state capital. Others in opposition to the protesting opposition also marched to defend the current presidency of Nicolas Maduro; the opposition has made a public announcement that it will host five novel events.

“The protests were held not only in Caracas but also in San Cristobal, Tachira state of the capital and in other cities of the country. In parallel with the opposition march, even the ‘Chavismo’ took to the streets to defend the government of President Nicolas Maduro. The opposition has already announced that in the coming days will hold five new events.”


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