Why Engineered Flooring is Ideal for Every Home

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Are you thinking about investing in a new flooring solution for your home? Find out why engineered flooring might be the best option for you here. 

Why Engineered Flooring is Ideal for Every Home

Choosing the style of flooring you are going to lay down is one of the most important decisions anyone redecorating their home needs to make. Tearing up an old carpet and replacing it with a new wood floor is one of the simplest ways to make a home feel brand new, but before you reach that point there are a number of factors you need to consider. Is it durable? Is it attractive? Is it affordable? Often it feels like you can’t have all three. However, we believe we’ve found the solution to this problem: engineered flooring. 

Read on to discover the reasons behind our thinking.


Engineered flooring comes in a variety of types, from luxury vinyl tiles and laminate to engineered wood and solid wood floors. Moreover, within each of these types are different styles. Engineered wood, for instance, can come in a beautiful herringbone style, while luxury vinyl tiles can be designed to resemble oriental stone or Cambridge oak. There’s such a diverse range to choose from that you can easily find the perfect one for your home. Have a browse of the selection at www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk to see for yourself.


As suggested by the name, engineered flooring is hardier than other floor materials such as carpet, which can look downtrodden over time. Engineered flooring is generally reinforced by an underlay or protective sheet of sorts, both of which act to cushion and thereby reduce the impact on floors. This means it can better withstand areas of high foot traffic in the home, like the kitchen or hallway. For example, laminate floors are constructed with high-density fibreboard, while engineered wood is built with multiple base layers to reduce the natural movement of wood. As such, engineered flooring is protected against denting, scratching, moisture damage, and so on. This means it looks better and lasts longer, making it perfect for every home.


Engineered wood is also a lot easier to clean than other materials. Spillages will instantly seep into carpets and crumbs will get caught in its fibres. On a laminate floor, however, these spillages can quickly be swept away or mopped up with cleaning fluid. This resultantly makes them easier to maintain, so they keep their lustre for longer. As such, solid wood flooring has an average lifespan of twenty-five to thirty years, while carpet only has a lifespan of three to five.


The above factors all mean engineered flooring is incredibly cost-effective, so you can be assured you’re investing your money wisely by installing some. The different styles of engineered floor come with different costs, too. So, if you’re unable to afford solid wood flooring, you can still buy wood-textured laminate and be certain of its high quality. Whatever your budget, you can find the engineered flooring to suit you.

And there you have the reasons why engineered flooring is ideal for every home. It’s not only durable, practical and cost-effective, but it’s also attractive. You can easily find a style perfect for your home and that’s comfortably within your budget, too. 


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