Why Tolerance Is Important In Relationships?

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Tolerance is one of the most important qualities that love gives you. Mutual tolerance is the key to the success of relationships in the organization of communication between people from all walks of life. Character traits or behaviors that once attracted two people to each other can also become a source of conflict over time. It is not always easy to accept the differences of the other but still paramount to live together happily ever after.

It is our differences that underlie every love story. It is they that attract, make us want to get to know each other better, and make us unique in the eyes of the beloved. The lovebirds tend to say, “I can’t help but love him/her because (s)he is not like everybody else.” But as time passes, it is the features of the partner that initially inspired us that sometimes become annoying and even unbearable. No time to go out for a regular date? Meet young girls dating online by visiting this website.

Sometimes the lovers quietly fear their strange tolerance and swear that they will not tolerate something anymore, but it all continues until there is a conflict of unfulfilled expectations, and they realize that this relationship is futile. When ‘the love program’ for a person is turned off, the usual criticism returns. For example, a girl may get used to her boyfriend swearing, while not so long ago, she would have made an immediate remark or simply refused to communicate with such a person. She is no longer repulsed by the fact that her friend is married or has sexually transmitted diseases, and so on. The guy can forgive his girlfriend flirting with others, frank extortion of gifts, arbitrary disposal of someone else’s time, etc. Unexpectedly for yourself, you begin to withstand the things that used to cause you feelings of protest and sincere indignation. You condemned it in others; you said that “it won’t happen to me,” but suddenly you made a deal with your conscience and life principles. Because it is impossible to build something solid between the two with complete unanimity on all issues. We are unconsciously trying to find someone who matches the ideal image of a prince or princess… We want the other person to meet our expectations completely. When they don’t, you are left questioning if he is the one for you.

To see the difference between you and the other person means to admit that they do not meet the desired image drawn by the imagination. They’re just who they are. Love is born when each of us sees and accepts what makes up the other. This is mature love. By refusing to create a perfect or imaginative couple, we get a chance to make the union unique: its uniqueness is in what each of us brings to the relationship by our dissimilarity.

Accepting the differences of the other also means recognizing their need and right to have their own space. This is absolutely necessary if we want to avoid the feeling of pressure, a kind of “choking” which arises from excessive intimacy in daily life. It is necessary that each partner has their own hobbies, free time devoted to themselves.

What to do to be tolerant of the partner:

– Recognize your differences. He’s an owl, and I’m an early-riser; she loves ocean, and I’m a mountain person… That’s why you’re not bored together – you’re different. Formulate the differences between you – it will help to see the other as they are. It is better to get to know your partner, and at the same time, you will be able to settle conflicts more easily.

– Love the individual features of the partner. Appreciate its diversity and uniqueness.

– Compare the features. Try to find the points of their character you are ready to give in.

– Show more curiosity than fear. After years of finding out that the other remains different from us, we may be afraid that they will end up falling out of love with us or wanting something new to come out of a relationship. There is a way out: listen carefully to the other, look into the eyes, let yourself be surprised by the partner or change habits a little bit. And most importantly, accept that the loved one can keep the mystery inside themselves. After all, it is this mystery, the inability to fully learn and understand, gives rise to our desire to get something


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